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Records 11 to 20 of 21 |  Prev 1 2 3 Next » is a website that provides quality online resources to the Kindergarten to Grade 12 community in Alberta. Students, teachers, and parents can use the site to find multimedia learning resources that are correlated to the Alberta programs of study. is a reliable and innovative repository of resources developed by Alberta Education in consultation with stakeholders; it is available for users at any time on the Internet. Natural resources educational tools are provided through this resource.
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Cycle of Life

Are you an educator who wants to teach about the emerging biological sciences… but don’t have the resources? Do you love music, and want to use it more in your classroom? Then check out the Cycle of Life/Recycle Educator’s Handbook and CD. This environmental education program uses songs to promote ecological literacy. It enables parents and teachers to use music to educate about emerging biological sciences and sustainabilty. Educator handbook, lesson plans and other products are available.
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Published by: Canadian Artist Response Team Inc.
Bow River Basin Waterscape

The Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) along with a number of partners including Alberta Environment developed the Bow River Basin Waterscape. The waterscape components are available on the GSC website. There is also a Teacher's Guide for Elementary and Junior High. The GSC is providing the posters free to teachers but there is a $15 charge to the public. Copies of the poster are available from the GSC office in Calgary. For more information please contact the GSC office in Calgary at:
Geological Survey of Canada - Calgary
3303 - 33rd Street N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2L 2A7
Telephone: (403) 292-7030
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The Groundwater Foundation - Kids Corner

Provides basic information on groundwater for students, and groudwater activities for the classroom for educators.
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Published by: The Groundwater Foundation
Freshwater Teacher's Corner - Environment Canada

Are you looking for teaching resources on water? Environment Canada provides free print and electronic resources for primary, intermediate, secondary and post-secondary audiences. Factsheets, activity booklets, cool graphics and more are available!
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Published by: Environment Canada
Cows and Fish - Youth Education

The Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society "Cows and Fish" Youth Education site contains all the information you will need to familiarize yourself with the Cows, Fish, Cattledogs and Kids! Game Show and Board Game and activities. Visit the site to find out how the game works, who can play, and how to get Cows, Fish, Cattledogs and Kids!
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Published by: Alberta Riparian Habitat Managment Society
EcoKids Club (EcoKids Brings the Environment into your ESL classroom - and a new website, too)!

Sign up for EcoKids! EcoKids Club is part of Earth Day Canada's fun, innovative, interactive environmetal education program for youth who care about the Planet.

Earth Day Canada also invites elementary school teachers and educators to check out their EcoKids English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) lesson plans, now available online at ! Teachers rave that the lesson plans are “easy-to-use,” “low-prep,” and best of all, they’re free!
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Learning for a Sustainable Future - Resources for Rethinking

The Resources for Rethinking database provides teachers with improved access to excellent and relevant resources that support Education for Sustainable Development.
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One Simple Act School Toolkit

The One Simple Act School Toolkit provides grades one to six teachers with the tools and resources to have students personally commit to one of ten simple acts that protect the environment. This toolkit is flexible, offering a collection of tools that teachers can draw on based on students’ needs.
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Focus on Groundwater: Groundwater Quality and Quantity

Groundwater quality and quantity may change for a variety of reasons. This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the factors that influence the quality and quantity of water in an aquifer.
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